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WHAT IS MYMEDICALRECORDS.COM? is a web-based service that provides secure, confidential storage for your important personal health and medical records. With, you can easily file and manage your records and then access them, whenever you need them, from any Internet-connected computer. There's no special software or hardware and your information is completely private.
When you enroll in MyMedicalRecords, you receive your own personal fax and voice number. We call this your "Lifeline" number. You also get a set of stickers that you can give to your doctors so they can easily fax your personal health and medical records into your account. You can store the actual documents from your doctor's office - lab test results, immunization records, notes. You also can upload images like x-rays or scans directly from your computer desktop if you have them on CD. Whenever you receive a new record, our system notifies you via e-mail or text message. You then simply log into your account with your User ID and secure password that you create, view your information in PDF format, and file it.
Plus there are other useful health management tools. Like a drug interaction database that automatically checks for contraindications between medicines that you are taking. Even calendar reminders for prescription refills and doctor appointments. And you can also send faxes – both of records filed in your MyMedicalRecords account as well as other files stored on your com
Most important, with, a doctor even can have access to your records in the event of an emergency in which you are unable to communicate. Physicians can use a special "Emergency Log-In Button" to immediately see the most important information about you, including things like allergies, prescriptions, medical history and also the actual medical records that have been faxed/uploaded into your account - critical information that could help save your life.